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Park and Ride - The easy way to go Christmas Shopping in Leeds


The Influencing Travel Behaviour Team, Leeds City Council give us their tips for stress free Christmas shopping -  

Planning a Christmas Shopping trip to Leeds is a great way to start the festive period. There's always an abundance of festive entertainment in Leeds during this time of year...the whole family will love it!

Christmas shopping can be a really festive time and if you plan it well you can get everything done without any additional stress and without breaking the bank on parking.

Here are some pre-Christmas tips on how to save a little money and reduce the stress of parking in busy town centres.

Let start our festive period with advice to all those planning on making a day of getting all the Christmas shopping done.

  • Deciding where to park can have a huge impact on cost, some car park costs can cost a small fortune if you go over a set amount of hours. Have a look and see if your town have special offers on parking around the festive season – some towns have reduced rates on certain days and for late night shopping.
  • Think about where you leave your vehicle in a multi-story car park – Always choose your space on when you plan to return, it is never nice to return to the only car left on the top floor of a now relatively empty and dark car park.
  • At any one time, 30% of drivers on UK roads are in city centres searching for a parking space, on average it takes 10-15 minutes to find somewhere to park and during busy periods that time frame gets bigger! So make sure you add the time it will take to get parked up into your time plan for the day.
  • Try to avoid returning to your vehicle to leave your presents while you continue on, unfortunately thieves do watch for this sort of thing – leaving valuables in a car is never a good idea especially after you spent all that time and effort in choosing the right presents.
  • Some car parks are not as well-lit as others so it’s a good idea to put your lights on and give your eyes time to adjust to the different light level. Keep a look out for pedestrians thinking more about their shopping list than their safety – especially excited children.
  • Reverse park or drive in? Use the option which suits you best – if you need to put your shopping in the boot when you return consider driving into the space, reverse parking is not always the best solution.
  • If you have used a pay and display – set an alarm on your phone to remind you what time it runs out, it can be very easy to let time slip by without you noticing.


And …… have you considered 'Park and Ride'? 

As Christmas approaches it becomes more difficult to ‘pop’ into the town centre, parking spaces can be in short supply and a queue to get in or out takes away from the pleasure of choosing a gift. Park and ride is often a good option and some local authorities will set up a scheme especially for Christmas. If you are able avoid the weekend, it is often easier to find a space whilst most people are dealing with their daily commute

Leeds City Park and Ride is a cheap, convenient and stress-free way of getting into the city without the hassle of city centre parking and congestion.

• Open Monday – Saturday (Sundays at Elland Road)

• Buses run every 10-15 minutes

• £3 Day ticket or £2.70 when you buy five or more on a smartcard

• 10 minute journey into the city from Elland Road

• 15 minute journey into the city from Temple Green. Up to three children travel free with every fare-paying adult

• Staffed, heated waiting facility with toilets/baby changing

• Free WiFi on all buses

• Safe, secure, well-lit parking & CCTV.


Sounds like a great alternative to the stresses of city centre parking. Watch this short clip as to why you should consider Park and Ride. 

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