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Gareth Hoyle - Leeds Inspires My Photography



Leeds is a city full of architecture and a rich history. As we launch our very first development in the city centre we want to celebrate the people and places of Leeds. Gareth Hoyle is a photographer, who never leaves home without his camera, he takes a picture of Leeds everyday. This is his story of Leeds, part of Strata's campaign #FlauntLeeds


“Gareth’s favourite places are the Belgrave Music Hall, Call Lane, museums and art galleries.”

Gareth has been taking photographs since 2011. He accidentally fell into photography when he had a day off on his birthday.

Using his first camera, a Sony A35, with a 40 year old lens passed on from his grandad, Gareth shares the moment he found his art.

Gareth Hoyle GHZ Photography - Snow Walk
Gareth Hoyle GHZ Photography - Clarence Dock


"I went into an old building in Chapel Allerton, I'd always been curious about the inside. It was just an empty building but I started photographing and that was it really."

"My favourite areas of Leeds are lit up at certain times of the day. Clarence Dock looks amazing at night."

"My favourite picture is called Snow Walk. It’s of a woman struggling back from work. I took it three years ago and it’s my favourite photograph ever since, and will be forever."




Gareth's story is one of Leeds through a lens; why not tell us your story of Leeds on Twitter @homesbystrata - don't forget to use the hashtag #FlauntLeeds could win £100 to spend at Trinity Leeds.


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Gareth Hoyle GHZ Photography