50 days to the Tour de Yorkshire

13th March 2019

• First look at the Mackenzie Thorpe-designed Tour de Yorkshire Ride Medal to mark 50 days to go until the 2019 Tour de Yorkshire
• The first collaboration for a Tour de Yorkshire Ride medal designed by the official Tour de Yorkshire artist
• More than 4,500 cyclists expected to collect the mini work of art after completing one of three courses

The Tour de Yorkshire Ride in collaboration with Mackenzie Thorpe, official tour artist, are proud to reveal the design for a new medal for the event. All participants of the Ride, expected to exceed last year’s 4,500 people, will be awarded the specially designed medal as they cross the finish line in Leeds, just hours before the pros roll through on 5 May.

Artist Mackenzie Thorpe, one of the biggest-selling British contemporary artists, marks 30 years as a professional artist in 2019. To crown this occasion, he has been made Official Artist for the Tour de Yorkshire this year, creating a collection of artworks for the event which were recently unveiled. Bicycles have long held a powerful and symbolic position in Mackenzie’s artwork and his unique talent at communicating emotions through his art, means these images resonate with both cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

Now Mackenzie has lent his talent to the Official Ride medal, strengthening the link between the Tour and the Ride and a work of art in its own right. The medal features a rider in a ‘Y’ jersey holding aloft two hearts in Mackenzie’s iconic style. This is set against a backdrop of the rolling hills of Yorkshire, detailed out in shades of green as the cyclist conquers the brutal beauty the county is known and loved for.

Mackenzie Thorpe says: “At the launch for this year’s Tour de Yorkshire I was inspired hearing about ‘the Ride’ where cyclists, of all ages and abilities, will be tackling the challenging courses, all for the love of riding, camaraderie and of course to raise money for charity. I love the fact that people can join in and experience for themselves some of the excitement and thrill of the race. I was honestly delighted to be asked to design the medal and wanted to do something special, that reflected the Ride and the area, so people can take home with them a little bit of Yorkshire . I’m really pleased with how it has turned out, and hope the riders are too”

Nick Rusling, CEO of Human Race says: “This medal really is something truly different. Never before have we had such a prominent artist be involved in the design of one our event medals. I love it and love the close connection we have with the elite event, with Yorkshire and with our participants. I think we have created a real collector’s item here and you have to complete the Tour de Yorkshire Ride to get one.”

Peter Dodd, Commercial Director of Welcome to Yorkshire says: “This beautifully designed medal will act as a brilliant incentive for all those people planning to take part in in the Tour de Yorkshire Ride. It really is stunning and will be a more than worthy reward for all those amateur cyclists who complete this challenging yet exciting day in the saddle.”