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3 Weeks To Go! Summer Exhibitions at Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery…

Check out what colourful shows The Craft Centre & Design Gallery has in store for you this Summer. Starting from Saturday 2nd July a trio of bright and cheerful shows will take over the Craft Centre inspiring visitors to Leeds. Take a look below to discover more. 
Glass Now

Glass Now
2nd July – 24th September 2016

An exciting exploration of glass by makers at the cutting edge of contemporary glass design. Highlighting beautiful collections from makers who explore colour, technique, materials and form in their works. Featuring work by Alison Lowry, Samantha Sweet, Stephen Foster, Morpheus Glass, Catriona MacKenzie (3 red, orange and yellow glass vessels pictured), Vinegar & Brown Paper, Pia Design (2 glass vessels pictured with metal and wood elements), Jane Charles and Hayley Gammon (2 black exterior glass vessels with colourful interiors).

Visit our website for further information about the makers:!glass-now---2016/cofk 


Seeing Colour - Jewellery Exhibition
2nd July – 24th September 2016

Seeing Colour
These inspiring jewellers come together in this fascinating showcase highlighting the beauty of colour in jewellery; explored through various techniques and made from a variety of exciting and innovative materials by inspiring British makers across the UK. Featuring work by Cecile Gilbert – Tiki, Emily Knight, Emily Kidson (yellow laminate, walnut and oxidised silver earrings pictured), Jenny Llewellyn (blue and turquoise silicone necklace pictured), Yuka Jourdain, Gail Klevan (pink and blue acrylic necklaces pictured), Sarah Perry (ceramic necklaces pictured), Hazel Atkinson, Zincwhite and Sarah Lindsay.

Visit the Seeing Colour webpage for information on makers taking part!seeing-colour-jewellery-show-2016/c1g97

Alongside our summer shows we highlight the wall hung works of artists Jessica Grady and Angela Ibbs…

Jessica graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2014 with specialisms in hand stitching and embellishment. She enjoys creating highly textural and weighted fabrics making the most of the treasures that DIY and plumbing shops have to offer. Creating her fabrics using hand skills alone is important within her work, as it is extending the traditional roots that embroidery offers but using stitches in a way that pulls them into a more contemporary light. Tactility is a key concept of her practice and she creates pieces that play on the way that they feel and drape against the body or against other surfaces. Colour is also a focal point within her textiles; using sharp acidic tones, flecking fabrics with metallic accents and using explosions of vivid contrasts to make the fabrics come alive to the viewer. “Stretching the possibilities of stitch is encompassed within all my work; I create large scale, fully encrusted pieces of fabric using as many combinations of unusual components as I can possibly include. My aim is to make the viewer want to touch the textiles, to intrigue their curiosity and to saturate their brains with colour and texture.” Button and thread embellished piece pictured.  Angela grew up in the Northwest of England and completed a Textile Design Degree at Leeds University. She enjoys using a wide range of materials, hues, textures and assembly methods to develop a style of mosaic that encompassed these techniques, bringing shape and relief to create contemporary art pieces. Angela gains inspiration from nature and human form through folk art and style movements. “For me, mosaic as a medium, is an exploration of choice and selection to create an effective and durable solution, through picking, cutting, laying and combining materials. The art form also reacts with its environment through the reflection of light giving an extra fascination.” Mosaic running hare pictured.

Group Print Exhibition - Jane Ormes & Julia Ogden
2nd July – 29th October 2016


Jane Ormes
Whimsical and decorative prints by Jane Ormes (Tiger print pictured) and charming screen printed works by Yorkshire printmaker Julia Ogden (Kingfisher print pictured) are showcased in this beautiful group exhibition sure to brighten up any interior. Julia’s depiction of woodlands, birds and changing seasons are a source of inspiration for her, meanwhile Jane’s inspirations come from a wild imagination involving animals in comical scenarios.

Visit our website for further information!jane-ormes--julia-ogden-summer-print-sh/c10r1