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Revolting Body Lab this Easter at Thackray Medical Museum

24 March - 15 April 2016 (Monday – Friday)

Thackray Medical Museum is inviting families to investigate the Revolting side of the body this Easter, by taking part in Revolting Body Lab workshops.

These interactive workshops aim to answer such questions as: What is snot and why do we have more of it when we have a cold? What happens when we cut ourselves? What exactly is poo?
Visitors will make imitation sick, poo, blood, wee and snot to answer these questions and investigate how these bodily functions are important in keeping us healthy.

Charlotte Chester, Learning Officer explains “It’s really important that children learn about some of the functions in the body that we may see as being a bit yucky or embarrassing. We will talk about why we have things like snot and wee and how they work to keep us healthy. These practical workshops are a really fun and interactive way for children to learn about the more revolting side of life.”

Family workshops take place between 1pm and 4pm on weekdays from Thursday 24th March to Friday 15th April. Workshops are drop-in and no pre-booking is required.
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Revolting Body Lab