Hedonist bar, Leeds takes you on a round the world trip courtesy of their character Olivia.

23rd February 2018

Hedonist is set to return as a fresh, exciting bar concept that arrives in Leeds off the back of a number of hugely successful temporary projects. Brought to you by an experienced team of bartenders and managers, Hedonist will see their home of 156 Briggate be completely revamped and relaunched in April with a carefully curated drinks menu that takes you on a trip round the world at the hands of their character Olivia, The Hedonist. Olivia is a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity, perfectly suited to the bars authenticity.

The newly re-designed bar is to be a clean, sleek and atmospheric place that welcomes you off the street and allows you to leave the real world behind. The focus is on comfort, with laid back seating, contemporary art work on the walls and a remodelled bar all providing somewhere to relax while you head off round the world to explore all the best and most original liquors, spirts and cocktails it has to offer.

As such, Hedonist will feature an extensive and innovative drinks menu that takes the form of a travel guide featuring a focus on one city, region or even an entire country. It is developed through imaginary character Hedonist’s experiences and the places she visits, local cultures and customs she finds from each location and memorabilia from the hotels she stays in. It means the menu will be an immersive experience that takes you through world of flavours and memories and allows you to escape everyday life and get plenty of extra pleasure as your drinks take you on a mouth-watering trip to somewhere new.

February is a month that celebrates Chambord, with promotional offers and various events taking us through to the April refit, before a soft launch on the 5th, press launch on the 12th and grand launch on the 13th. Looking ahead, the launch of Thursday takeovers starts on May 3rd and July 11th – August 16th will be rum month in association with Bacardi.

The Hedonist Project first launched into Leeds in the spring of 2015 as pop-up bar known as Hogarth’s Gin Joint based out of the Northern Quarter in Leeds. The original idea was to reinvent the bar with a new identity every few months. It quickly built traction and the first notable concept change brought about The Rum Shack. An instant hit with Leeds locals, the bar sold over 800 bottles of rum in just over 10 weeks but the end of the lease brought about another necessary change. This led the team to 156 Briggate, where they set up a permanent bar launched as Liquor & Whisky. In partnership with whisky heavyweights Diageo, the bar was a dark and warming hideaway to enjoy a dram and some heart warming dishes. Ensuing concepts and style overhauls have lead to incarnations as Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen, Trader Dan’s Surf Shack, the festive wintry delights of Mountain Lodge and whiskey dive bar 51st State, all of which have been in partnership with major alcohol heavyweights and have seen the bar design themed to perfection and stocked with high quality and unique spirits from gin to whiskey.

The bar also installed its own kitchen and changed up the menu a few times, with an ever evolving music policy also paying homage to the various concepts. Throughout all of these concepts the team has also invited and hosted a number of notable bars from across the UK and further a field, including El Bandito Liverpool, Gleneagles Perthshire, Brass Monkey Nottingham to name but a few. With the new concept they are looking at doing monthly takeovers which include notable bars from London, Edinburgh, and across Europe.