Himalayan Fashion Exhibition at Lotherton Hall

1st March 2018

Himalayan Fashion will astound you with its variety and colour!

Don’t miss this stunning new exhibition of fashion and textiles in a unique country house setting. Discover sumptuous silk brocades, geometric dhaka cotton weaves, fine Kashmir wool shawls and rainbows of printed prayer flags.

See a range of fashion made in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, from costly court outfits and high end designer dresses to everyday wear and clothing worn by everyone from Buddhist monks to Gurkhas.

Costume from the Leeds Museums and Galleries collection will be on display alongside pieces from National Museums Liverpool and Harewood House, as well as contemporary clothing from the Leeds Nepalese Community Association.
Star objects include a sumptuous 1920s official dress and a Bhutan stag mask from National Museums Liverpool, plus Bhutanese masks and costume elements from Harewood House.

World Cultures Curator, Antonia Lovelace said: “It has been brilliant to take a close look at the rich and varied textile traditions of the Himalayas and put this exhibition together for Lotherton in 2018. It is the last exhibition I am curating after 20 years working for Leeds Museums and Galleries as Curator of World Cultures, as I will be retiring soon. I’m hoping this exhibition will be the best one yet!”

This is a unique chance to learn about the role of fashion and textiles in Himalayan cultures.

A related programme of events will include a Himalayan family fun day in late June and a seminar day on 10 September 2018.