North to Reopen Beloved Alley Cats Bar in Chapel Allerton

6th November 2023

North is thrilled to announce the official reopening of Alley Cats, the cherished bar in Chapel Allerton, on Tuesday, November 7th. Following the shock announcement of its closure last month, North has acquired the lease for Alley Cats and is committed to preserving the inclusive atmosphere and well-loved events that have made it a favourite among locals.

Alley Cats, the beloved community space which has gained a cult following, has been an iconic fixture in Chapel Allerton, known for its welcoming ambiance and a wide range of events, such as drag bingo and karaoke. North is dedicated to maintaining the spirit and traditions that have endeared Alley Cats to its loyal patrons.

One of the key highlights of the reopening is that customers will still have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Alley Cats burgers, whether dining in or taking out. For added convenience, these will soon be available on Deliveroo, alongside their existing partnership with Uber Eats.

At Alley Cats, you can expect to find a diverse and extensive beverage menu, with an array of North beers, a wide selection of cocktails, an impressive array of spirits, a variety of soft drinks, and an assortment of low/no alcohol beers. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft beer, a signature cocktail, or a refreshing non-alcoholic option, Alley Cats has something for everyone.

North is delighted to be the custodian of such a cherished local establishment, preserving its close-knit community feel that has been beloved by Chapel Allerton residents for years. The reopening of Alley Cats represents North’s commitment to supporting and enhancing the vibrant local culture.

“We are proud to take over the reins of Alley Cats and ensure that this beloved institution remains a cornerstone of the Chapel Allerton community,” said John Gyngell, Co-Founder of North. “We are excited to welcome everyone back through the doors, and we look forward to creating new memories while cherishing the traditions that have made Alley Cats such a special place.”

Alley Cats will officially reopen on Tuesday, November 7th, inviting both old and new friends to come together, celebrate, and enjoy the wonderful experience that this cherished bar offers. We can’t wait to see you at Alley Cats!