Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street Set To Reveal Supersize Gaming Utopia

12th April 2021

  • Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street reopens its doors next month to reveal a new super-sized three-floor venue.
  • The basement level will feature all-new Bank Shot Shuffleboard, Duckpin Bowling, Crazy Pool, Karaoke, arcade machines and new bar.
  • Beer pong, shuffleboard, ping pong and pool will all return, alongside Roxy’s signature beer, food and cocktail menus.
  • The redesign will make Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street the brands most diverse gaming venue with the most entertainment options.
  • Roxy will also be taking part in the 5-week outdoor party on Merrion Street along with its neighbouring bars from 12th April.

Get ready to get your game face back on, as Leeds-based megabrand Roxy Ball Room is set to return bigger, better, and bolder on Monday 17th May when it reopens its doors to reveal a supersized gaming utopia spanning three floors.

The revamped venue will still focus heavily on the ball games, food, and drink that the brand has become famous for, whilst unveiling some exciting new gaming options to make it the city’s premier gaming bar.

Former sister venue Roxy Arcade has been completely ripped out and refitted as Roxy Ball Room, creating one mammoth gamer’s paradise with its spacious basement area. Here, a diverse range of entertainment will be available offering endless hours of fun, along with a shiny new bar area.

This includes an all-new Crazy Pool course, which offers up an insanely playable mash-up of crazy golf and pool. Players must navigate a variety of obstacles to pot the ball on a waist-high mini-golf course bathed in UV light, using a pool cue instead of a putter.

Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street, Pool

Competitive streak

The basement will also feature two newly installed Duckpin Bowling Lanes, where players can flaunt their competitive streak with a game that splices ten-pin bowling with skittles. Another game to make its Leeds debut is Bank Shot Shuffleboard, which twists the popular game with a board that loops back on itself, making it even more challenging to get the puck into the scoring zone. The basement area will boast two Bank Shot Shuffleboards, as well as a ping pong table.

Also new to Roxy Ball Room are three hi-tech private karaoke rooms, where budding performers can order a round of drinks at the push of a button, and a selection of iconic arcade machines, including the ever-popular basketball.

The ground floor bar will feature no less than five beer pong tables, whilst the light and airy first floor will boast 4 full-size American pool tables, two shuffleboards, two beer pong tables and two more ping pong tables.

Guests can expect the same stellar selection of draught lagers and craft beers as before, including Roxy Lager, Camden Pale and ABK Weissbier.

The Roxy bar team will be on-hand across the venue’s three bars to shake up both classic and signature cocktails, including the bestselling Ping Star Martini and the Tropical Rumbull. Hungry gamers will be able to hit up Roxy’s bold and tasty food menus, which spans loaded nachos, chicken wings, pizzas, and burgers.

Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street, Ping Pong

Iconic nightlife scene

And, whilst Roxy fans will have to hold on until May the 17th to get their game on, they can get a taste of their signature food and drink menus from Monday 12th April onwards at the Merrion Street party.

Roxy has joined forces with neighbouring bars including Mojo, Verve and Yard & Coop to create the city’s biggest outdoor hospitality area. A roof spanning the full street will ensure guests are kept both safe and sheltered from the elements, whilst DJ’s will be on hand with a diverse party playlist to suit the highly anticipated return of the iconic nightlife scene synonymous with Leeds.

Roxy Brand Development Manager Joel Mitchell had this to say ahead of the re-launch:

‘’We are all extremely excited about taking our Merrion Street venue to another level! The people of Leeds are long overdue for a big night out on the town. Roxy Ball Room is coming back in a big way to help create memories that can make up for all those special occasions that we’ve all missed out on.’

‘’The bar is ready to go from Monday 17th May, and I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, from our loyal customers to co-workers and friends from our neighbouring bars. I’m confident the people of Leeds are going to love our new-look, supersized venue when it finally reopens, and I know jaws will drop when they check out the new basement bar and see the massive selection of gaming that is now on offer. With Bank Shot Shuffleboard, Crazy Pool, Karaoke, Arcade Machines and Duckpin Bowling thrown into the mix, Roxy Ball Room Merrion Street is going to be the city’s number one gaming hotspot, with an unrivalled selection of entertainment options. 2021 is going to be a year to remember for sure.’’