The Big Drive Leeds – add your favourites to welcome students to the city

5th September 2018

Leeds has a long history of producing brilliant musical talent and now’s your chance to show off your favourite artists. Unite Students has created a playlist to showcase the amazing talent in our city, as a way of welcoming new students moving to the city.


Leeds is known for creating unique music that challenges the norm and gets people thinking. The Big Drive Leeds playlist is celebrating this musical heritage and it’s up to you to add your favourite bands from the area. Be it pop icons like Soft Cell and Corinne Bailey Rae or more niche artists such as Gang of Four and Pulled Apart By Horses, the power is in your hands.


The idea – and the name for the playlist – originated from the fact that 84% of students will drive to university with one or both parents, and it’s a memorable moment that stays with both student and parent for a long time. Unite Students – the UK’s largest student accommodation provider, which provides a home for almost 3,500 students in Leeds – wanted to enrich the experience further by allowing students to listen to music from their soon-to-be new home on the way there, as recommended by Leeds residents.


The hope is the playlist will help students settle into their unfamiliar surroundings that much quicker – and fall in love with the sound of the city along the way.