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Canal Mills


Brandon Street
Armley Road
LS12 2EB

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Canal Mills draws on its creative past rooted within the backbone of the industrial revolution to create a dynamic space that intertwines historic and modern day creativity whilst ultimately playing host to unique, bespoke events in Leeds.

Interweaving the lines of its own authentic history and the unbounded innovation of modern art, the venue offers up a revolutionary space unique of its type in Leeds. Canal Mills itself is an artefact that visually awakens the traditional processes of the textile mill from which its creative heredity stems, in a modern environment.

The venue will showcase a range of artistic pursuits from exhibitions, theatrical projects and film screenings, to live gigs and electronic dance events, all the while sustaining the unique aesthetic elements born from the heart of its heritage as a textile mill.

Canal Mills provides the City of Leeds with an opportunity to explore further into immersive arts and showcase creative contemporary events.

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Canal Mills is located on Brandon Street off Armley Road, Leeds. If using a satnav enter the postcode LS12 2ED.