The Wrens Hotel

Contact Details:

61A New Briggate, Leeds, LS2 8JD

0113 2458888

The Wrens Hotel

  • On-site catering
  • On-site light refreshments
  • Public toilets

The Wrens Hotel, a traditional pub, hotel and restaurant serving the best in British cuisine. Opened in 1913, The Wrens has always had strong ties with the Grand Theatre which is located less than a minute walk away. Within the Wrens are three seating areas, they have one room which is called the ‘Theatre bar’.

In times gone by when pubs were filled with smoke this room was a designated no smoking room so that the singers, actors and actresses could come for a refreshment without the smoke damaging their voices. As much as the smokey old days have gone we still have many of the theatre cast as well as theatre goers enjoying time in the Wrens.

Children are welcome at the Wrens until 8pm daily and we offer a selection of board games and smaller childrens meals too.