Leeds Minster

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St Peters House, Kirkgate, Leeds


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    11:00 - 14:00


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Leeds Minster

Visit the Minster for worship or many of our other events. Walk around and soak up the atmosphere of a building rich in history and heritage, light a votive candle, listen to the famous organ, enjoy a light lunch in the Refectory. Visit St Peter-at-Leeds, the Minster Church in a vibrant and enterprising city, set by the river on an ancient and holy Christian site where prayer and worship have been offered to God for over twelve hundred years. The present building was erected in 1841 to express the grace and compassion of God at a time when the surrounding area was a huddled mass of squalid housing and money was scarce. At the heart of this church the loving prayers of devoted people sustained the life of a growing city, and the dedication of accomplished musicians reflected both the majesty and mystery of God. Today, the surrounding area is being re-born with the imaginative restoration of decayed buildings and new initiatives to attract the ever-growing numbers of visitors. SUNDAY SERVICES 9.15 am BCP Holy Communion 10:30 am Common Worship Eucharist 5:30 pm BCP Evensong MONDAY 12:05 pm Celtic Eucharist THURSDAY 1.05 pm Holy Communion (Prayer Book) The Minster is open every day for Private Prayer.