Opening Times:

To reserve tickets please email with the number of tickets you wish to reserve and a contact telephone number.


All shows are You Pay What You Decide which means you will pay the company AFTER the show.

Contact Details:

Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9QX


The Holbeck

The Holbeck is the oldest social club in Britain.

Slung Low manage the bar as a traditional members’ bar and the rest of the building as an open development space for artists and a place where we invite other companies to present their work that otherwise might not get to be seen in Leeds. All work presented at The Holbeck is Pay What You Decide. The equipment and vehicles of the company are lent to those who have need. It is a useful place that shares its resources with those artists who need them.

The Holbeck is also home to the Cultural Community College hosting its classes and talks.

The Holbeck is owned by the members. It is managed by Slung Low. It is our company home and base.