Contact Details:

6 Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4HY

0113 2780779


  • Accepts groups
  • On-site catering
  • On-site light refreshments
  • Public toilets

Located in Meanwood, Alfred takes the baton from North and runs with it. Amazing drinks are brought to your table by welcoming and knowledgeable staff in surroundings that mix your local social club with 50ís Hitchcock.

Alfred also serve cheese boards which generally include smoked cheese, something local and something vile and French etc. Chorizo, hams, all that fancy continental stuff. Stuff to make your burps smell spicy and put hairs on your chest.

Saturdays and Sundays are special because Alfred also have cakes baked by a beautiful local lady and they open early in the afternoon. So you see, although they may not be a food destination they are willing to keep you in decent snacks.