Hotel Chocolat

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55 Boar Lane, Leeds


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    08:30 - 20:00


    08:30 - 20:00


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Hotel Chocolat

Something special is happening in Leeds. A boisterous rush of cocoa beans, a mysterious rattle and whoosh, the hypnotic flow of molten chocolate onto a marble chocolatier’s table… The UK’s first two-storey Chocolate Metropolis.

Mega Café:
Talented baristas serving our signature hot chocolate and a full range of hot drinks. Treat yourself to a freshly baked brownie or patisserie dessert alongside.

Mega Shop:
From our Drinks Cabinet to the beauty range developed on our Saint Lucian cocoa plantation and all the chocolate in between, shop the full suite of Hotel Chocolat products.

School of Chocolate:
Want some private tuition with a skilled chocolatier? We’ll teach you how to make chocolate straight from the cocoa bean. Just one of many experiences available, from Tasting Adventures to Children’s Chocolate Workshops, Corporate Events and more.

Ice-Cream Hatch:
Dispensing Ice Cream of the Gods directly onto one of the busiest corners in Leeds. Not just for the heavenly flavour notes, but after the name of the cocoa plant itself: Theobroma cacao, which translates literally as ‘cocoa, food of the gods’.