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Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 11am-7pm

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Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Leeds, LS1 5AT

0113 2346518


In Britain, we tend to think of Mexican food as something for special occasions – often occasions that prominently feature tequila shots. And the morning after, we might wonder: how do the Mexicans survive on this messy, greasy, pre-packaged, reheated slop?

The answer, of course, is that they don’t. And neither do their neighbours north of the border. In California, Mexican food isn’t an exotic change of pace, and it isn’t eaten solely to soak up booze. When people come down from their offices for lunch, tacos and burritos are at the top of the list of options. When they get together with a few friends for dinner, Mexican food is always suggested. And after the bars, they skip the questionable kebabs and bready pizza… tacos and burritos are so much more satisfying. These aren’t the heavy, deep-fried, sit-down meals that have given Mexican food such a bad name in Britain. This is amazing California-Mexican food for everyday consumption.

Our mission is to bring to the UK the top-quality Mexican food that millions of Californians enjoy. We serve freshly-grilled meats and we prepare our guacamole daily. Canned and frozen ingredients are strictly avoided and we source organic ingredients whenever possible.

Let us introduce you to Mexican cuisine fresh and light enough that you can enjoy it as an everyday option, inexpensive enough that you can afford to, and delicious enough that you’ll want to.

A few fresh ingredients. Thousands of combinations