Skate Park Meetup

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Leeds Inspired

Skate Park Meetup

22nd February 2024 - 26th April 2024

Join us at the Skate Park for rolling about!

Be sure to check your messages in advance to see which skate park we will be at!

You’ll need all your own gear – helmet, protective gear and skates – and a drink.

Light levels of coaching as part of the session hosted by Mel. This isn’t a fully coached class, but Mel will make sure you can get started safely in the skate park and explain some etiquette (Do’s and Dont’s) and safety.

This year, our rollouts and meetups are ticketed to reflect the time it takes to research, organise and run these sessions. We have tried to keep the cost reasonable for participants but also cover the costs so that we can hopefully look to run more of these sessions in the local area in the future.

Annual and Monthly Skate pass holders with an active membership get free tickets to this event. Gangster crew member get 50% off these types of sessions.