Static Trapeze Beginners Course

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Leeds Aerial Arts, Unit 5, Cardigan Trading Estate, Leeds, LS4 2BL


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Static Trapeze Beginners Course

11th September 2022 - 2nd October 2022

(4 Weeks) For those 16+ Static Trapeze is an iconic piece of aerial equipment, giving the stable bar as a seat while you move from shape to shape, but with the new challenge of hanging ropes which can be twisted and wrapped to create beautiful shapes in the air. This class is a full-body workout designed to build strength, muscle tone, learn circus skills and to increase flexibility. It is a great way to get fit, to work with others and push yourself to new limits! Master the basics with Leeds Aerial Arts within a relaxed and friendly environment. This class is for those completely new to the Static Trapeze and will teach the beginner's mounts and dismounts, static poses and basic rolls in a unique, full-body workout! Our instructors are highly experienced and welcoming, we tailor all of our classes to the needs of the group and all abilities. You do not need to have great upper body strength, to begin with, this will improve along the way! This course is £60 per person, and at the end of the four sessions, you should feel confident and excited to move into any of the other classes offered at our studio. If you have completed the Beginners Aerial Hoop course we advise that you are ready to join Improvers Trapeze, but you are more than welcome to start from the beginning again on the Trapeze to recap, practice and feel really confident in the beginner skills if you wish. Please note: As capacity is capped we will not be able to transfer this booking to alternative dates. Please ensure that you can attend the dates stated BEFORE booking. In this class two people will work on a shared trapeze, this makes for a fun and social atmosphere that builds teamwork and gives your body much needed rest and time to work out the movements during class.

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Sunday 11th September 2022 - 01:30pm

Sunday 18th September 2022 - 01:30pm

Sunday 25th September 2022 - 01:30pm

Sunday 02nd October 2022 - 01:30pm