Wood Carving Workshop

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City Art Gallery, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AB


Leeds Inspired

Wood Carving Workshop

5th November 2022 - 5th November 2022

Learn to Sloyd and carve a butter spreader from beautiful wood under the supervision of experienced wood craftsman Nick Vorstermans. Sloyd is a word derived from the Swedish word Slöjd meaning handiwork or crafts.

The session will run for 3.5 hours and materials and tools will be provided.

You'll cover the basics of sharpening your carving tools and how to use them safely to create a beautiful butter spreader.

​Craftsperson Nick Vorstermans of Studio Critical focuses his practice on using locally and sustainably sourced materials.  Nick received our very special Exhibitor Award at last year’s Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.  Our Director Florence awarded him the award for his amazing craftsmanship and sensitivity shown towards the materials he uses and he had his Solo Wood Showcase here as his Award prize.   “Craft is not just the art of making beautiful, carefully made objects, craft is a form of protest. A protest against the mass produced, mass consumer products that are clogging our landfills and whose processes are ruining our environment. By engaging with craft we are attempting to show people that it is possible to make usable, beautiful objects from truly renewable and sustainable resources. Craft demands that the maker respects their material and process in a human centred way."