An Evening with Germaine Acogny

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An Evening with Germaine Acogny

1st July 2022 - 1st July 2022

We are honoured to host an evening with acclaimed choreographer, performer and educator, Germaine Acogny as part of our Ageless Festival 2022. Join us for a screening of Iya Tunde followed by an on-stage discussion with Germaine Acogny facilitated by performer, writer and dramaturg Funmi Adewole. Germaine Acogny often known as ‘the mother of African dance’ established her first dance studio in Senegal in 1968. She has since become a major figure in dance, blending contemporary dance with traditional African styles. Her illustrious career saw her choreograph and act as the artistic director of numerous dance companies, including the renowned Studio-Ecole-Ballet-Théatre. In the mid 90s she returned to Senegal and established the School of Sands in Toubab Dialaw. Iya Tunde, The Mother came Back: a documentary about Germaine Acogny Directed by Laure Malécot, this film lifts the veil on the personality, the motivations and the route of the outstanding artist Germaine Acogny, choreographer, French-Senegalese dancer and professor of dance, at 70 years of age. Iya Tunde, yoruba for ‘the mother came back’, is the history of roots found, woven and reinvented, of uninhibited culture, freed of colonialist rags, exceeding mental and physical borders. Documenting the incredible impact her work has had globally, including her inspirations, the themes of her work, her international reach and collaborative approach through teaching, alongside an unwavering commitment to celebrate and value African cultures through dance. Iya Tunde, is the history of the woman who achieved her dreams, and continues to overtake them. Image: Hyun Kim