Crass: The Sound of Free Speech

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Crass: The Sound of Free Speech

21st June 2024

Leeds Premiere of a new documentary covering anarchist art collective and punk band Crass on the history of the band and the release of their controversial Reality Asylum.

Celebratory, raw and shocking, this film is as close to the story of the anarcho-punk band as you’re going to get.

Crass were an art collective and punk band that formed in Essex in 1977, and disbanded in 1984. They promoted anarchism and a movement of resistance that awakened and appealed to many, inspiring many bands and artists ever since and seem to be more relevant now than ever.

Artist and director Brandon Spivey tells the story of Crass’ Reality Asylum, and the inspiration behind the record, with interviews with Crass co-founders Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud, and Small Wonder record label owner Pete Stennett.

The film also expands on the narrative of anarchism and a broken system and touches upon subjects such as the class war, sexual abuse carried out the church and the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland.

Made with the blessing of Crass members, it dives into 1970’s Britain; the birth of punk and the formation of Crass, with an in-depth look at their art, music and ethos and its impact on those who were trying to make sense of a brutal hostile society they had no place in.

This screening will be followed by a live Q&A with director Brandon Spivey, hosted by Northern punk author & journalist Janine Bullman.

We will also be joined by our good friends Jumbo Records who will have a stall selling records and merch before and after the screening.