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Cruel Intentions

17th July 2024

Guilt-Free Pleasure presents the sleek and sexy Cruel Intentions, for a 25th anniversary screening.

A modern retelling of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Cruel Intentions follows step-siblings Kathryn, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Sebastian, Ryan Phillipe, as they sulk, seduce and manipulate everyone in sight.

After discovering her ex-boyfriend has started dating innocent Cecile, Selma Blair, Kathryn enlists Sebastian to do her bidding;  seduce and ruin Cecile’s ‘good girl’ image. Concerned about his own image and growing his notoriety Sebastian has a conquest of his own Anette, Reese Witherspoon,  the new headmasters daughter who champions saving yourself till  marriage. Catching wind of his intentions, Kathryn wages a bet, if he can’t seduce Anette before the school year begins she gets his prized possession… his car. But Sebastian want’s something in return. If he wins, he gets to sleep with the one girl who is immune to his charms, Kathryn.