Excerpt of Mechanisms and Workshop by Christine Thynne

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3 St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH


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Excerpt of Mechanisms and Workshop by Christine Thynne

12th July 2024

Mechanisms is a work-in-progress which boldly embodies ideas of effort and persistence, success and failure, visibility and joy. Drawing on knowledge of anatomy and physical practices in dance and kayaking, Christine playfully constructs and situates herself within a precarious structure of hard and fluid materials to build an environment of complex environmental interaction.

This short excerpt of Mechanisms is followed by a physical workshop and Q&A. We will playfully develop dances and actions together, thinking about body architecture and its desires and possibilities. Expect experimentation, physical play, discovery and simple joy.

About Ageless Festival
This is a Pay What You Can event as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Ageless Festival 2-13 July 2024. Taking place at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds Art Gallery, this two-day festival reimagines age through dance.