Going, Going Workshop with Kyra Norman

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3 St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH


Leeds Inspired

Going, Going Workshop with Kyra Norman

13th July 2024

What makes us human?   
How does sound connect us? 
What keeps us going? 
And what happens when we stop? 

Join Kyra Norman for a practical workshop inspired by her latest work, Going, Going, made in collaboration with composer Barnaby Taylor, and a community of dancers aged 20 – 70 from Cornwall. 

Going, Going draws inspiration from wildlife documentaries, deep listening, theories of evolution and our own lived experiences. It examines and rejoices in the sublime, ridiculous nature of being a human in this complex present moment. Members of a species at once constructive, precarious, gentle, impulsive, experienced, vulnerable… and perhaps still a little bit wild?

About Ageless Festival
This is a Pay What You Can event as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Ageless Festival 12-13 July 2024. Taking place at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds Art Gallery, this two-day festival reimagines age through dance.