Intergenerational Double Bill: Improplay and In Your Shoes

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Playhouse Square Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP


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Intergenerational Double Bill: Improplay and In Your Shoes

2nd July 2022 - 2nd July 2022

Ageless Festival 2022 presents: Intergenerational Double Bill: Improplay and In Your Shoes This family friendly event includes Improplay by Katy Hewison and In Your Shoes devised by TC Howard and Company of People, an intergenerational group based in Chapeltown and Harehills in Leeds. The double bill will be followed by a post-show talk with Katy Hewison, TC Howard, Guilherme Miotto and Henk Bakker about co-production with communities. Improplay by Katy Hewison A celebration of care. Cherishing imagination to support movement & heart-warming dancing across all ages. Intergenerational Improplay unites individuals from across Leeds to create and perform together using dance improvisation and play. With live music, this dance work is influenced and inspired by Katy’s memories dancing with her Nanny and family. Celebrating those who inspired and continue to inspire us daily. In your shoes by Company of People & TC Howard We’ve walked in each other’s shoes and tried them on for size, we’ve put our best foot forward, filled our boots and are waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ve balanced on a shoe string and followed each other’s lead; we’ve not let the grass grow. We’ve tripped the light fantastic, had the rug pulled from under, been the last one standing and been the first to our feet. You can’t put the same shoe on every foot but you can put yourself in someone else’s. This devised piece of dance theatre is created by Company of People, an intergenerational group rooted in the communities of Chapeltown and Harehills in Leeds, the group has created the work through the sharing of stories, starting from the feet up. Company of People sits within a wider project called ‘Performing Gender Dancing in your shoes’ which aims to develop choreographic practice through a co-design approach with communities across 8 different countries This is a pay as you feel event. All pay as you feel donations are invested back into future festivals. Credits: Improplay: Music: Wilfred Kimber /  Dancers: Tora Hed, Inari Hulkkonen, Katy Hewison, James Olivo and Rachel Sullivan / Community Cast Support: Molly Watson /  Access Support & Producer: Amy Dalton Hardy / Costume Print: Andi Walker. Supported by Yorkshire Dance & Leeds Inspired. With thanks to all individuals in our community cast and their families. In Your Shoes: Choreographic contributors: Izzy Brittain and Kate Cox