Jesus Jones

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83-85 Town Street, Leeds, LS28 5UJ


Leeds Inspired

Jesus Jones

15th June 2024

Jesus Jones’ kinetic mix of samples, pop, dance, and techno resulted in one huge international hit single, “Right Here, Right Now.” Known for their strong melodies and hooks, and for meshing club overtones with traditional rock guitar, the group, alongside contemporaries like EMF, the Shamen, and Pop Will Eat Itself, helped shape the ’90s alternative rock scene by showing that sample-driven dance music could comfortably fit into pop music. While their popularity faded in the early 2000s, they continued to perform and record, albeit sporadically, with their sixth studio long-player, Passages, arriving in 2018 after a lengthy hiatus.

Founded in 1988 by frontman Mike Edwards, Jerry De Borg, Al Doughty, Iain Baker, and Gen (Simon Matthews), the band received a considerable amount of buzz with the release of their debut album Liquidizer in 1989.

Plus special guests ‘Champ Kind’.