Leeds Lit Fest – Monique Charlesworth: Mother Country

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Leeds Lit Fest – Monique Charlesworth: Mother Country

17th June 2024

Monique Charlesworth’s mother Inge was German, half-Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, all of which she chose to deny. Talented and able, charismatic and infuriating, she surged through life constantly reinventing herself. Sent out of Nazi Germany, she eventually arrived in London and a new start until her past caught up with her.

Inge divided, and often she conquered. After her death, deep secrets emerged. Her daughters knew that she had always misled others – but not that they, too, might be collateral damage. Compelling, frank and witty, this memoir is part detective story, part daughterly fury.

Monique Charlesworth: Mother Country: A Story of Love and Lies.