Look After Your Knees

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Leeds Playhouse, Playhouse Square Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP


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Look After Your Knees

26th July 2024

‘Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone’ Baz Lurhman, 1999

Look After Your Knees is a new solo work by theatre maker, performer and physical
comedian Natalie Bellingham. Look After Your Knees is a show about the pain and
beauty of growing older, of connecting and unravelling, of taking hold and letting go.
This new solo performance uses comedy, storytelling, movement and interaction to
uncover some of the things in life that can be hard to talk about.

It’s a celebration of being human in all its banality, sprinkled with joy and
ridiculousness. It’s a visual and physical collage performed by a clown delving into
the space inside us left behind by time. It’s about a person trying to unwrap the new
version of themselves in a world they don’t recognise and a life they seem
uncomfortably in charge of.

This is a show about facing change when you didn’t see it coming. It’s about what
comes next.

Performer and co-creator Natalie Bellingham
Director and co-creator Jamie Wood
Producer SJ Watkinson, Outer Circle Arts