Mapping Our Better Life

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Leeds Playhouse, Playhouse Square Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP


Leeds Inspired

Mapping Our Better Life

9th February 2024 - 9th March 2024

Consider the maps of our lives in this display of artworks by young people seeking asylum in the UK, who are in the care of Leeds Children and Families Social Work Services.

Enjoy artworks created by a talented group of young people living in Leeds, with artist Thahmina Begum. See how they have reflected their own journeys, leaving their homes and arriving in the UK.

Mapping Our Better Life is part of an ongoing collaboration between the British Library and Leeds Children and Families Social Work Services. In anticipation of a new site in Leeds, the British Library is working with local people and partners to open up their collections.

The work is displayed at Leeds Playhouse, which in 2014 became the very first Theatre of Sanctuary in recognition for its commitment to being a place of safety, hospitality and support for refugees and people seeking asylum.