Nahko – Dark As Night 10th Anniversary Acoustic Evening

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Nahko – Dark As Night 10th Anniversary Acoustic Evening

11th October 2024

An Acoustic Evening with Nahko Celebrating 10 years of “Dark As Night”

After a transformative journey of self-discovery and musical exploration, Nahko And Medicine For The People mark the 10th anniversary of their acclaimed album “Dark As Night” with a tour presented as an Intimate Acoustic Evening with Nahko. This is an opportunity to experience Nahko’s soul-stirring performances in intimate venues across Europe and the UK and promises to be an unforgettable celebration of a decade of powerful music and meaningful connections. Born to a Puerto Rican/Native American mother and a Filipino father, Nahko’s music reflects his diverse cultural heritage and his unwavering commitment to authenticity and truth.

Having earned a cult following through his early years of busking and street performances, Nahko’s musical journey has taken him from the streets to major festival stages and sold-out amphitheatres. He continues to push the boundaries of his genre-defying sound, incorporating elements of folk, rock, R&B, reggae, and gospel into his musical tapestry in his most recent album Trenches.

IG: @nahko_and_mftp @nahkobear

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