Never Letting Go with Susan Kempster

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3 St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH


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Never Letting Go with Susan Kempster

13th July 2024

Join festival headliner, Susan Kempster, for a masterclass in her signature group partnering method and the process she used to devise her latest duet, Mother.

Explore the push, pull, float, and flow as you interlink with fellow participants. This immersive workshop invites you to become fully absorbed in the moment and find pleasure in relinquishing control and enjoying the journey.

Susan Kempster is a choreographer, performer, teacher, theatre maker and movement coach/director. Her signature way of working sees dancers interlinked throughout a performance and her work has been presented in countries around the world.

About Ageless Festival

This is a Pay What You Can event as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Ageless Festival 12-13 July 2024. Taking place at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds Art Gallery, this two-day festival reimagines age through dance.