Saturation Point: Lost Portals

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28 Back Burton Terrace, Leeds, LS11 5JH


Leeds Inspired

Saturation Point: Lost Portals

12th March 2024 - 26th April 2024

“There’s Something happening here,
What it is ain’t exactly Clear”
— Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth’ (1966)

Preview Monday 11th March 2024 | 5:30-8:30pm

As we prepare to leave the dark months of winter behind, BasementArtsProject invites you to join us in exploring the ‘Lost Portals’. These interruptions in our universe connect the world above with a world below, giving us the sense that something that we can feel but not see is down here with us in the darkness.

Nine years ago, Saturation Point presented ‘Other Rooms’ in our subterranean art hide-out here in South Leeds, now they offer to take us to other worlds by means of a ghostly transportation through time and space.

Lost Portals features the work of Saturation Point, Sarah Sparkes & Ian Thompson