SHHH by Hannah Ballou

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1-2 Regent Street, Leeds, LS2 7QA

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SHHH by Hannah Ballou

23rd May 2024

Shhh is the mother of all comedy shows. Hannah Ballou has to get the baby to sleep in time for the performance, but if not…the show must go on.   

The (possibly) sleeping toddler on stage is a ticking time bomb that heightens the stakes for this funny mummy as she keeps entertaining you at all costs. Don’t laugh too loudly or things could get ugly.  It’s also a moving feminist love letter to mothers and daughters everywhere. 

Presented by CLAY Leeds, Shhh is an ongoing live art experiment that premiered at the Yard Theatre in 2018, produced by Womxn SRSLY and subsequently developed for their showcase at The Place in 2019 and revived for the Mother Art Prize show at the Zabludowicz Collection in 2023.

‘Frank and hilarious […] With a strong stage presence, Ballou skilfully weaves feminist theory, personal testimony and stand-up comedy.’  -Dance Tabs