Sunik Kim | Petronn Sphene | Seraphim Blush | Foldhead

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23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ


Leeds Inspired

Sunik Kim | Petronn Sphene | Seraphim Blush | Foldhead

26th June 2024

Visionary computer music from Sunik Kim, No Wave Rave from Petronn Sphene, Granular sparkle collage from Seraphim Blush and bludgeoning oscillator skree from Foldhead.

Sunik Kim blew minds last time they were in Leeds with their dense and skewed approach to visionary computer music.

@petronnsphene is the “No Wave Rave” outlet of local hero @green_layer_staircase, some of the hardest shit going and always devastating live!

@seraphim_blush makes lush and intricate digital organism music.

@paul_tone_ AKA Foldhead is a true veteran of UK underground noise, giving us an all too rare live outing of his expert maximalist electronic skree. 

£8 waged/£5 unwaged/PAYF 26.6.24 7pm @wharfchamberscc Tell your pals!