Thackray History LIVE: Shipshape

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141 Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7LN


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Thackray History LIVE: Shipshape

10th March 2024 - 9th April 2024

Join the Thackray Boffins as they uncover the secret science that sits behind medical innovation and discovery. Inspire your own future health heroes with inspiring true tales, jaw-dropping demonstrations and, of course, audience participation.

This Easter, join our Boffins on a seafaring historical adventure to uncover the lesser known (and downright stinky) ailments that have plagued shipmates for centuries. Find out what the Boffins would prescribe to avoid these murky maladies and be sure not to fall for long held medical myths.

Would you be granted a clean bill of health? Come aboard HMS Thackray and find out.

Thackray History LIVE sessions take place in our Victorian Operating Theatre at 2pm on select days during the holidays. Spaces are limited and pre-booking is highly recommended.