The Desire Cycle Talk with Christopher Matthews

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3 St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH


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The Desire Cycle Talk with Christopher Matthews

12th July 2024

Christopher Matthews gives a performance lecture on his Desire Cycle.

What’s the Desire Cycle you say? Well, what is desire? And what is a cycle? And how do we have life cycles that shape our lives and shape our views around different aspects of what we’re interested in and the desires we have and how we fulfil the desires of others.

The Desire Cycle is a trilogy of sculptural performances with dancers from different age groups. My body’s no.1 

features two young dancers, Lads is performed by dancers in middle age and Act 3 has a cast of dancers aged 60+.

About Ageless Festival

This is a Pay What You Can event as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Ageless Festival 12-13 July 2024. Taking place at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds Art Gallery, this two-day festival reimagines age through dance.