Wednesday Waves (5Rhythms)

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Chapel Street, Leeds


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Wednesday Waves (5Rhythms)

1st September 2021 - 29th December 2021

"There is a dance that only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true". Gabrielle Roth In this weekly 5Rhythms class with accredited teacher Ben Deutsch, you are invited to: Pay attention to your body and to the physical sensations of movement. To use movement to clearly express what's happening inside of you. To release your ideas of what dance is and what movements are appropriate or inappropriate. To allow the possibility that you have always known how to dance. To land with full awareness in each moment. There are no steps or routines to learn, but simple guidance and great music to inspire you. Through the rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, Ben will encourage you to explore the possibilities of movement, and to uncover the dance that only you can do. No dance experience needed - all life experiences welcome.

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Wednesday 01st September 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 08th September 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 15th September 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 29th September 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 06th October 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 13th October 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 20th October 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 27th October 2021 - 06:00pm

Wednesday 03rd November 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 10th November 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 17th November 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 24th November 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 01st December 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 08th December 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 15th December 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 22nd December 2021 - 07:00pm

Wednesday 29th December 2021 - 07:00pm