Homos and Houmous Chanukah (it’s on the zoom now okay!)

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Leeds Inspired

Homos and Houmous Chanukah (it’s on the zoom now okay!)

12th December 2020 - 12th December 2020

Queer, Jewish cabaret collective Homos and Houmous welcomes all hebrews, shebrews and theybrews, goys and gals (all welcome). Closet nothing. Covet everything.

With everything just a bit up in the air, Chanukah Lewinsky is learning to use The Zoom and she hopes you’ll all be terribly supportive.

This Chanukah, artists from Manchester, Sheffield, London, Leeds and Glasgow will be converging for a night of virtual celebrations. Bring enough latkes (and gin) to share. Glad-rags encouraged.

Drag – Poetry – Music - DJs – Semitic overtones

SHOW 8.30-10.30
PARTY with DJ TAMTAM 10.30-12

Host: Chanukah Lewinsky

That Ray
Christian Adore
Rami Yasir
Ben Woodward
Talya Stitcher
Ruth Nicholson


No one turned away for lack of funds. Please opt for a "well-waged" ticket if you can to help subsidise and maintain fair access to arts programming.

All tickets purchased for shows in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and London will be valid.

Zoom links will be sent out to ticket holders of any and all events in the lead-up.

Please send your questions and broigeses to dexpresents@gmail.com

Expect more theatre, more schmatz and even more houmous. Your nan will love us (if she can work the zoom)!!

With support from Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired, DINA Sheffield, Partisan Manchester, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and Manchester Jewish Museum.

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Saturday 12th December 2020 - 08:30pm