Compass Podcast Episode 2: Sick and Tired with Demi Nandhra

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Compass Podcast Episode 2: Sick and Tired with Demi Nandhra

2nd April 2021 - 31st May 2021

We have made sure that you can still enjoy this year’s Compass Festival from the comfort of your own home with Compass Podcast.

Join us for a series of four podcasts, hosted by Pam Johnson. Delving into the themes and concerns of some of our Compass Festival projects they’re a chance to get to know the artists we work with and meet some local and national experts.

Episode 2: Sick and Tired
with Demi Nandhra

Sick and Tired is an ongoing investigation about political depression and incomplete acts of liberation such as; feminism, civil rights and decolonisation. It examines historical traumas in the everyday felt sensations of our lives; the domestic and the grand and how sometimes, the depression we feel, is the result of being the other for so long. The energy it has taken to survive, endure, resist and have hope against it all.

Demi Nandhra is a neurodiverse artist based in Birmingham. She makes and curates both solo and collaborative performances, live art, theatre and sociopolitical enquiries focussing on Mental Health, Care, Trauma & Oppression.

Demi will be joined by panellists Amahra Spence, Suriya Aisha and Toni-Dee Paul, as they discuss protest, mental health and collective sadness.

Compass Podcast is available from 26th March on Sable Radio and our website from 5pm on the following dates.

26th MarchEpisode 1: The Making of Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) with ZU-UK

2nd April Episode 2: Sick and tired with Demi Nandhra with Suriya Aisha , Toni-Dee Paul and Amahra Spence.

9th April Episode 3: Drag, Dance and disco: What is the future of Queer Space with Lucy Hayhoe with Ray Larman, Amelia Cavallo and Cassie Leon.

16th April Episode 4: Chaat Chat with Popeye Collective

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