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Taking Up Space X Smudge Pot Studio: Online Ceramics Workshop

20th May 2020 - 20th May 2020

A FREE online 'Ceramics for Beginners' workshop; teaching you how to make your own rainbow tealight holder with air dry clay. Hosted by Bobbi Rae and the TAKING UP SPACE project, featuring ceramic master, Katie Emeny (aka Smudge Pot Studio). The workshop is only available on Instagram so be sure to follow @bearcubs and 'Turn on Post Notifications' to make sure you don't miss it!

The workshop is completely free to attend and is open to all, although particularly aimed at women and marginalised people working within the creative sector. No previous skill is required to take part in this workshop, however it is not pitched for young children.

The workshop is part of the TAKING UP SPACE project; which aims to empower women by teaching practical skills as well as providing a platform to talk about and promote ways in which women are working together to counter the disproportionate representation of their male peers in our workspaces. The project aims to question the dynamics of our social structures and institutions by asking people to look at the way in which women take up space in the male-dominated art industry and consider that while the vast amount of space commanded by men and the art they make might not be a concern for everyone; it's a feminist issue that is far from exclusive to the creative industry.

You'll only need a few things to take part in this workshop:

Air dry clay

Rolling pin (can of hairspray works in a pinch!)

Scrap fabric (cotton is best, avoid textured materials)





Scalpel or Knife

Small, soft paintbrush

Water (and a vessel to put it in!)

These materials are a little more niche than those used in previous workshops, so with that in mind, and with thanks to Leeds Inspired funding, a limited number of FREE workshop kits and clay packs are available for Leeds residents. 'Workshop kits' contain all of the materials you will need to make 1-2 tealight holders, 'Clay packs' include just the clay. One workshop kit is available per customer, however, extra clay packs can be added on if multiple people in your household would like to take part. Please email with your address and your order - to claim a free pack. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and will only be delivered to Leeds postcodes. If you are not able to get hold of a pack, air dry clay is readily available online and many of the tools can be replaced with household items.

So come along, grab your things, let's make some art and TAKE UP SPACE together. Join Bobbi and Katie at 12pm on Wednesday 20th May - only on Instagram - @bearcubs

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Wednesday 20th May 2020 - 12:00pm