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Distil Your Own Gin

14th March 2020 - 14th November 2020

Come and join us at Leeds Gin School and Distillery for a gin experience you’ll never forget! Upon your arrival, we'll greet you with a Hotham's Gin and Tonic in our Distillery Bar where you'll join a group of other gin lovers looking out over our purpose-built Distilling Room. Next, you'll head over to our Botanicals Bench, where you’ll smell and taste amazing botanicals, and choose the ones you like best for your own gin. Our distiller will advise you on the quantities required, and you’ll soon have a balanced recipe ready. Once you've decided upon your recipe and weighed out your botanicals, you'll add these to your still, where a litre of spirit awaits. You'll learn about the distillation process whilst you enjoy a gin-based cocktail. We'll encourage you to taste your gin as it distils and your botanicals release their flavours, and we'll show you how to measure the strength of your gin. Whilst you enjoy another one of our delicious G&Ts, our distiller will talk to you about the history and characteristics of gin, and you'll learn about five main varieties. You'll hear about the Hotham’s brand - how we came to be, and a little about Lord Hotham himself. You'll also learn how to taste gin, and you’ll have the chance to try our gins, distilled right here in the Distillery - Hotham’s Original Gin and Hotham’s Cardamom Gin. Finally, you'll cut, bottle, name and label your unique gin before wax dipping the stopper to seal the bottle, and finally stamping it with the Hotham's seal of approval. Now it's time to wander up to 'The Bar Upstairs' and chat through your experience with your new friends. You'll get VIP exclusivity till 8 pm when before our bar opens to the public. As well as the range of Hotham's spirits, we have some amazing Yorkshire beers, ciders, and alcohol-free drinks too. Don't forget to take graduation photos before you leave our Gin School! You can also rest assured that once you've finished enjoying it, you can buy another bottle - just order online and our distiller will recreate your recipe and deliver a new bottle of your gin, straight to your door. What's included? Distil your own gin with botanicals of your choice Expert help in creating your recipe Gin masterclass 3 Hotham's gin and tonics each Tasting of Hotham's gins Take home your own labelled 70cl bottle VIP access to our distillery bar, specialising in local beers, wines and spirits Hotham's loyalty card - 10% off at our bar! (T&C apply) Please Note: Minimum age: 18 - There is a Challenge 25 policy in place. Please bring relevant ID with you. A hearing loop is in place. Places left means stills available. You are booking a still for your use or for you and another to share. Temperature is a key factor in the art of distilling so we tend to keep our distillery between 16-18 degrees - please dress appropriately. We recommend leaving your car at home, and not consuming alcohol before your experience. You are operating a hot still and testing high strength alcohol, and we want you to enjoy your experience safely. The experience content, equipment used and restrictions may vary.

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