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Open Source Arts: Online Yoga for Every Body

27th January 2020 - 25th May 2020

These unique yoga sessions will be led by Sophie Hutchinson; a professionally trained contemporary dancer and yoga instructor.

Sophie's regular class will be moving ONLINE with our building shut until further notice to curb the spread of coronavirus. We want to continue as many of our regular classes and one-off events in this new way, as, more than ever, we need to keep connecting and moving together. Remember: physically distant, not socially distant! Please join Sophie at 7:30pm through ZOOM. It's pay as you feel but the class is normally £5 so donate, if you can! You may need to download the zoom app on your device beforehand so follow the links to get set up in advance - links here >

Here's a word from Sophie about the session - "Push your furniture around this Monday and join me on your mat/chair/bed or however you wish for a special LIVE living room-edition of 'Yoga for Everybody'! I've been teaching this class at opensourcearts for nearly 3 years now so it only feels right to keep this regular session going The class will be at the usual time of 7:30pm.

This is open to EVERYBODY (hence the name) newbies welcome including those who've never practiced Yoga before or met me in real life. I will leave a link in my bio to the Zoom session which you can also ask me questions about before Monday if you need more info on how that works.

This session is payf but obviously if you are experiencing financial uncertainty at the moment (as many of us are) please don't worry about payment just join. For those who can offer some payment, this class is usually £5.Yes, you can wear your pj's if you wish."

Yoga for Every Body offers traditional Hatha yoga fused with free movement to explore the ways in which we can transition through postures with minimal effort and ease.

Class will include a vinyasa sequence that will gradually allow you to build strength and flexibility. The more awareness you cultivate for how your torso and limbs work together to create the postures the easier the practise will become.

The practice of asanas bring calmness to the mind and can reduces stress and anxiety through focus on coordination of the breath and movement.

Sophie’s classes are open to all, regardless of prior experience! You are warmly invited to come and find pleasure in a healthy and holistic yoga practice.

There is no pressure to get the postures right away – you will be encouraged to journey through the class in a safe, supportive and friendly space, at your own pace.

This is Yoga for EVERYONE!

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