A Lover’s Discourse: International Short Film Competition 2

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A Lover’s Discourse: International Short Film Competition 2

3rd November 2020 - 30th November 2020

Miniature explorations of the many facets of love ranging from the potent dynamic between a Taiwanese woman and her stepson; the quiet intensity of two Nigerian men in Georgia; the risqué conversations in a Swiss kitchen; the peaks, troughs and wide-eyed candour of an early morning drink and drug session; the complexities of seeking and finding a domestic lodger; and the sharing of secrets between an Italian shepherd and his gauche companion.
Showing online on Leeds Film Player from 3 November. Visit leedsfilm.com for more information.

Films in Programme:

Red Ants Bite / Dir: Elene Naveriani / Georgia

Cloudy Days (島嶼雲煙) / Dir: Yung Hsiang Chuang / Taiwan

Paola Makes a Wish / Dir: Zhannat Alshanova / Switzerland

Dustin / Dir: Naïla Guiguet / France

La Tecnica / Dir: CRIC / Italy

Women Without a Child / Dir: Eva Saiz López / Spain

Part of Leeds Short Film Awards, LIFF 2020’s selection dedicated to the wonders of the short film universe.

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