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Leeds Music Video Competition

3rd November 2020 - 30th November 2020

From their first golden era as a unique new medium that went global on MTV, through to major new releases that receive millions of views within just hours, music videos have always been a platform for innovative new ideas buzzing with unbridled energy. The Leeds Music Video Competition presents a selection with tremendous variety, ranging from the locally sourced to the international, with directors and artists using every creative approach at their disposal. Artists featured include Idles, Yola, Marika Hackman, The Breeders, The Cool Greenhouse and more.

Available to view online only on Leeds Film Player during LIFF 2020.

Films in Programme:

Bathwell in Clerkentime - The Real Tuesday Weld / Dir: Alex Budovsky / Colombia

Repetition - Max Cooper / Dir: Kevin McGloughlin / Ireland

Never Fight A Man with a Perm – Idles / Dir: Al Brown / United Kingdom

Walking with a Killer - The Breeders / Dir: Marcos Sánchez / Chile

Hand Solo - Marika Hackman / Dir: Sam Bailey / United Kingdom

Adventure - Monster Rally / Dir: Zak Marx / United States

Open Relations - Heart Bones / Dir: Ed Dougherty / United States

Colors - Black Pumas / Dir: Kristian Mercado / United States

Zver - Dynoro / Dir: Taisia Deeva / United Kingdom

Wückis Zam - Heinrich Himalaya / Dir: Kilian Immervoll, Anna Sophia Rußmann / Austria

The Sticks - The Cool Greenhouse / Dir: Simon Nunn / United Kingdom

Shady Grove - Yola / Dir: Jessie Craig / United Kingdom

Tinnies with The Reaper - Harry Hanson / Dir: Ben G. Brown / United Kingdom

Seoul Sori - Peejay / Dir: KIM Kyoung-bae / South Korea

Bitter Parts - Joya Mooi / Dir: Michael Middelkoop / Netherlands

The Message - Onoe Caponoe / Dir: Tochka / Japan

Dansingas - Solo Ansamblis / Dir: Titas Sūdžius / Lithuania

I Don't Need Another - Justin Lacy / Dir: Justin Lacy, J. Noel Sullivan / United States

Breathe It In - Garrett Kato ft Julia Stone / Dir: Emily Dynes / Australia

Part of Leeds Short Film Awards, LIFF 2020’s selection dedicated to the wonders of the short film universe.

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