LIFI presents: Green or Growth?

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46 New Briggate Leeds, Leeds


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LIFI presents: Green or Growth?

27th September 2021 - 27th September 2021

Sustainability and capitalism have long been sworn enemies. But must sustainability and capitalism be opposites, or can they go hand-in-hand? What if growth can be Green? We'll be investigating the challenges of sustainable economic growth and development, with everyone from activists to academics via the pioneers of the Northern Powerhouse, presented by TV's Michaela Strachan. Can economic success be compatible with our planet’s ecology, and on a micro, citywide level: how can we protect and expand Leeds' green spaces? Will HS2 allow positive ecological and economic growth? And does Leeds Bradford airport really need a new terminal? Featuring: Michaela Strachan, Henri Murison, Paul Chatterton, Noga Levy-Rapoport