Dreams, Homeland and Childhood – Leeds Lieder

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Dreams, Homeland and Childhood – Leeds Lieder

24th April 2021 - 8th May 2021

Dreams, Homeland and Childhood

Fleur Barron - mezzo soprano
Ashok Klouda - cello
Joseph Middleton - piano

Bun-Ching Lam (b. 1954) - Music When Soft Voices Die
Brahms - Heimweh I: Wie traulich war das Fleckchen, op.63
Chen Yi (b. 1953) - Bright Moonlight
Brahms - Heimweh II: O wüsst ich doch den Weg zurück, op.63
Ives - My Native Land
Brahms - Heimweh III: Ich sah als Knabe, op.63

Mussorgsky - from The Nursery
1. With Nanny
2. In the Corner
3. With Dolly
4. Sailor the Cat
5. At Bedtime
6. On the Hobby-Horse

Kamala Sankaram (b. 1978) - The Far Shore
Chinese Folksong - Northeast Lullaby
Chinese Folksong - Fengyang Drums

Borodin - Two songs for voice, cello and piano
1. She No Longer Loves Me
2. Listen, Dear Friend, to my Song

Brahms - Gestillte Sehnsucht from op.91 for voice, cello, piano
Libby Larsen (b. 1950) - Music When Soft Voice Die for voice, cello, piano

The daughter of a Singaporean mother and British father, Fleur Barron grew up in the Far East and also spent considerable time in the U.S. and Great Britain. She has been hailed a ‘charismatic star’ by the Boston Globe, and a ‘knockout performer’ by The Times. In a typically wide-ranging, thought-provoking and thoughtful programme Barron brings, for the first time, Chinese folk and art songs to Leeds Lieder. Woven around songs by Brahms and Ives, these gems illuminate a programme she has called “Dreams, Homeland and Childhood”. The programme facilitates cross-cultural dialogue in the most interesting way. Two different settings of Music When Soft Voice Die bookend this special recital.

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