Opera North At Home: The Turn of the Screw

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Opera North At Home: The Turn of the Screw

3rd April 2020 - 21st August 2020

The lights may be down in theatres and the stages may be empty, but we’re still committed to bringing you extraordinary experiences. Prepare to witness something special as we deliver little pieces of Opera North straight to your home. Welcome to #OperaNorthAtHome...

First up... Were you able to join us earlier this year for our spine-chilling production of Benjamin Britten’s ghostly opera, The Turn of the Screw? It was streamed live from Leeds Grand Theatre by OperaVision and is now available to watch on demand.

The best seat in the house is reserved for you!

This is the post-produced version of The Turn of the Screw, which was first streamed live on OperaVision on 21 February 2020. This production is available on OperaVision here for six months following the live performance.

In a remote country house, a governess fights to protect two orphaned children from strange and menacing spirits. But are these apparitions real, or the product of her troubled imagination? And what terrible evil occurred before her arrival?

Based on a ghost story by Henry James, this edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller reaches new levels of terror and claustrophobia in Alessandro Talevi’s spine-chilling production. Britten’s disturbingly beautiful music ratchets the tension up to breaking point.

Watch here.

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