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So Virtual Choir!

15th September 2020 - 21st October 2020

So Choir! has morphed into So VIRTUAL Choir!

Since we can’t get everyone together in person right now, we’ve brought our ridiculously fun So Choir! Bar Choirs online for 2020!

Here's what to do...
Click on GOING (or "Interested" if you wanna be super non-committal about stuff!)
Head to to register!

On the night…
Grab a drink from your own bar!
Get comfy on the sofa, or in the kitchen, or bedroom, or garden… wherever really…actually…maybe not in the bath!
Click on the Zoom link we email you or enter details into the app…

…And we’ll bring the awesome songs, jams (and probably a few guilty pleasures too)…plus a metric tonne of laughs!

YES - EPIC Singalongs with friends, family, pets…
YES - a metric tonne of hilariousness…
YES - awesome songs, jams (and probably a few guilty pleasures too)…
NO - Diving, Bombing, Inflatables, Heavy Petting
YES - Bottomless Margaritas from your own pool bar

All served up in with a healthy dose of hair-brained craziness from NIC, smouldering looks / hat wearing from STU plus weapons-grade insanity from JOEY!

See you there!

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