The Potential of Pattern: Artist Conversations

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Leeds Inspired

The Potential of Pattern: Artist Conversations

1st November 2020 - 24th December 2020

The Potential of Pattern exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills until 24 December.

Pattern: the underlying arrangement used to organise a surface or structure in a consistent regular manner. This can be by the repetition of a shape, form, colour rule or sequence.

The artists and makers in this exhibition all uniquely reference pattern in their work, whether through process, inspiration or form.

A number of conversations between some of the artists in this exhibition have been recorded. Funded by Leeds Inspired

Surface Pattern

A conversation between designers Vanessa Plews and Millie Rothera with provocations from Clare Lane. Hosted by Jane Kay

Vanessa Plews. Artist and textile designer.

Vanessa has been creating designs for printed textiles, particularly clothing, for household names since the late 1970s both as a freelance designer and a director of her own business. The designs shown here are from an archive created over thirty years or more and have informed and continue to influence Vanessa’s recent practice in creating textile accessories.

Millie Rothera; designer. Millie is a contemporary surface pattern designer and a recent graduate from Leeds Arts University. Millie hand screen prints many of her designs onto natural fabrics. Much of her current collection is designed in a grid structure as a nod to the Bauhaus and the art of weaving.

Clare Lane; artist and studio holder at Sunny Bank Mills. Clare is a Lecturer on the B.A.(Hons) Textile Design course at Leeds Arts University

Jane Kay: Arts Director at Sunny Bank Mills. Curator of the Potential of Pattern.

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